Watercolor Classes

Saturdays - Last in-person class in Utah is March 11, 2017

Impending move to Nevada. I will be concentrating on creating a series of video download classes. See Art Instruction page for the latest.

Video lessons will concentrate on both watercolor techniques and basic art fundamentals.

Watercolor class Graphic

Art fundamental topics include;  basic drawing, color theory, perspective and proportion, value, temperature, shadow and light, composition, illusion of space on a 2-D surface, and more!

Watercolor techniques covered include; flat, gradated and variegated washes, wet-in-wet on hot press paper, wet-to-dry on cold press paper, sectionalized flat washes, pouring, alternative materials and methods, spontaneous painting, and more! 

The video classes will capture my ten in-class teaching modules on video, and then expand from there. Each module focuses on a specific watercolor technique or subject and art fundamental.  

Additional information

  • Student provides own supplies. See Supplies and Paint list.

  • I may continue to teach workshops and classes, either via live online broadcasts or in-person sponsored workshops. To see my latest schedule, click "Upcoming Workshops and Classes" or the link below to register for the next available class session.  Dates, times, prices will vary.


Contact info: (801) 560-2554 or  email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Please put "Watercolor Class" in subject line of email).